The New York Times reports on a bit of friction developing nationally between the Tea Party movement and party establishment Republicans. Will that be an issue in Arkansas this primary season?

For example: Philosophically, it’s hard to find much difference in the 10 people who’ve declared or talked about running for U.S. Senate as Republicans. But some give off an air of moderation and establishmentarianism, notably Sen. Gilbert Baker, who worked comfortably with Democrats to rise to state legislative leadership. Moderation in the pursuit of power may be no virtue in the Republican primary this year. There’s even a ‘bagger or two who contend Rep. John Boozman isn’t sufficiently conservative.

Baker has gotten the message. He told a Republican crowd in Fayetteville last night: “If Fayetteville needs a park, that’s fine, but no earmarks to build them.”

A no pork diet? Few people really want that. They want THEIR pork. They just don’t want any spending on other pork. Again a question for 10 GOP Senate candidates: Do you support the necessary earmark for completion of the I-430-630 interchange in Little Rock? Yes or no?