I’m out of sorts. I did my first weekly grocery run to the Kroger in the Heights now that the Hillcrest Kroger is out of commission for nine months. Habits die hard. Nothing was where it was supposed to be. Too much distance to cover for the same stuff. Grump.

But … I did pick up some political gossip over by the frozen salmon.

A well-known Washington insider has been telling Arkies this weekend that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is trying to talk Sen. Blanche Lincoln out of running for re-election.

That would open the door for a Wes Clark candidacy. And U.S. Rep. Mike Ross would be in the race in a heartbeat. Then comes a deluge of candidates in the 4th District. Forget for a moment what a Boozman candidacy does for the House of Dominoes on the Republican side from Senate down.

If true, I have to wonder if the Democratic apparatus would apply the same pressure to a male candidate with the same, actually worse, voting record? Say a Mark Pryor. Just wondering. Whatever else may be true or false, campaign speculation is at hysteria level.

My thought: With $5 million or so in campaign cash, chairmanship of the Senate Ag commitee, two terms in office and an as yet unknown and potentially wack-o opponent, Lincoln seems a long-shot for quitting.