Sen. Blanche Lincoln’s campaign has announced she’ll make an important campaign announcement via her Twitter feed tomorrow morning. Time not given.

This has, naturally, fired up the cable talk shows with talk of another retirement announcement. Or maybe, as the right-wingers have it, that she’s shifting back to running for Congress from the 1st District, where her political days began, now that Berry is out of the race.

More likely it is to announce she has $6 million or so in the bank, to put to rest all the loose talk.

I’d been working up some sympathy for Lincoln, being patronized before she even had an opponent in place. But this is still kind of nuts. If there’s no change in her status, she should say so, whatever her announcement tomorrow might be.

UPDATE: A campaign spokesman says in response to my questions about a possibility that her candidacy status might change: 

No.  No truth to the rumors.  We just moved into the new campaign headquarters last week.  We’re continuing to hire staff and build our volunteer team.  Senator Lincoln continues her strong fund raising efforts.  These activities speak for themselves.  Also, the DSCC-pressuring-Lincoln-to-retire theory is not true. 

So there.

On her Facebook  page today, beneath the photo above, Lincoln wishes the retiring Berry well and comments that she hopes he’ll join her on the campaign trail this year.

While we’re talking money, sort of, what about this Obama plan to freeze non-security spending for three years? How stimulating is that?