U.S. Rep. Marion Berry doesn’t think much of Bill Halter, particularly in the context of a potential race against Sen. Blanche Lincoln. From Congressional Quarterly:

“I don’t know anybody that cares what Bill Halter is going to do except Bill Halter,” Berry said in an interview Thursday morning. “He is only of consequence in his own mind.”

Berry said a run against Lincoln “would probably be the end of Halter’s political career in Arkansas because he’ll get beat and that will be the end of it.”

“He’s pretty much exhausted his ability to raise money in Arkansas,” Berry said. “It was kind of fluke he got elected to lieutenant governor’s office” in 2006.

Last week, I”d have said Halter wasn’t getting in the Senate race. This week, I’m thinking he might. Berry might be right that Halter would lose the contest (polls favor Lincoln), but he’s wrong in saying nobody cares. Evidence includes this article and an awful lot of disaffected liberal Democrats who continue to wrack their brains for a reason to support Lincoln. Once it was electablity, now ….

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UPDATE: Another bit of evidence on the Halter-may-run theory is the near-instantaneous reaction to Berry’s gibe from Halter’s political spokesman Bud Jackson:

Congressman Berry’s comments are not surprising to us.  After all, he did not support Halter’s campaign for lieutenant governor which beat the insiders and has now resulted in a scholarship lottery that will help thousands of Arkansans afford a higher education. 
If getting under the skin of the insiders is the price for helping Arkansans, he’ll do it time and time again.  Should he run for federal office Arkansans can look forward to more of the same because Washington is broken and it needs more people like Bill Halter who aren’t afraid to stand-up to special interests and insiders.

One more thing: Death Star Bob Johnson told reporters at the Capitol that he won’t run for Lincoln’s seat.