Blanche Lincoln at last hits TV. A little humor. And she’s agin’ everything. You’d think she was a teabagger.

Gotta love her running against Wall Street. The senator, a Finance Committee member, has been seen in the halls of New York investment firms with her hand out for campaign cash. Credit card companies are still in debt to her for her work to screw the little guy in bankruptcy “reform.” Yes, when it comes to health care for poor folks, relief from rapacious lenders, pleas for cleaner air and a measure of fairness for a working man or woman seeking to organize, Sen. Lincoln is one tough lady. But if you really want to see her fight, try to pass estate tax legislation that doesn’t contain a multi-billion-dollar tax break for the Walton family.

PS — Re Lincoln putting Arkansas first and putting down support for Bill Halter from outside of the state. 60 percent of her money comes from outside Arkansas.

UPDATE: The Bill Halter campaign takes note that the ad misstates Lincoln’s voting record. And her campaign fires back.