Pretty good take on Karl Rove’s new book by the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank, who was there when the mess happened.

Rove has had 2 and a half years to reflect on what turned Bush into the least popular president in modern history. Yet Bush’s Brain is still in the war room.

His lessons learned are those of a job applicant who claims that his greatest weakness is being too conscientious. He doesn’t regret the Iraq war; he regrets that he did not attack the war’s critics more fiercely. He doesn’t regret the administration’s bungling of the Katrina response; he regrets the lack of Republican leadership in Louisiana.

Rove offers an occasional nod to reality, such as his doubt that the Iraq war would have been waged if it had been known that there were no weapons of mass destruction. Unfortunately for Rove’s credibility, however, he revives claims discredited long ago.

It would be interesting to hear Rove acolyte and war roomer Tim Griffin’s take on the specifics Milbank lays out about Bush-Rove failures and lies.