The separation is easy when Congress faces a tough vote. Marion Berry’s hand-picked successor, Chad Causey? Fuhgeddaboudhim. He says he wouldn’t have voted for health care reform. Tim Wooldridge, true to his demagoguic roots, adopts the same posture, despite the manifest needs of the district they would represent. (Wooldridge hasn’t yet advocated public hanging for apostates, but give him time.)

Are they repealers on top of it? I suspect if either Causey or Wooldridge thinks that’s what it takes to get elected, they’d happily jerk insurance coverage from sick people and kids and vote with Michelle Bachman. Tax credits for business? They might hesitate there.

Things are better in the 2nd District, where the black-hearted Republican candidates can’t move fast enough to repeal better insurance coverage for all, including the cost cuts for seniors. Two Democrats, Joyce Elliott and David Boling, declared early today their happiness at passage of the health care legislation. Patrick Kennedy later expressed his support for the bill and I also see a Twitter comment from a third, John Adams:

 I would’ve voted for #HCR & reconcil., b/c of expanded access to coverage for 1 in 5 central Arkansans that need it


That’s more like it. Unfortunately, Democrat Robbie Wills has already declared himself with Republicans on opposition to the legislation. Will he — and  Causey and Wooldridge — join Griffin and Wallace in the repealer camp? Why not, since they are already submarining their own party.