Democratic contenders for 2nd District Congress met in debate tonight at UCA. About 100 turned out, sounds like, most of them Robbie Wills supporters.

Go here for a replay in 140-character chunks.

Wills claims victory because so many opponents took shots at him, the de facto front-runner. He may win. But his mush-mouthed campaign of platitudes that evades all the tough issues won’t be enough for the targeted megatons of slime he can expect in the fall. And it’s certainly not moving to a Democratic primary voter. The others, who are more likely to articulate Democratic Party principles and even take sharp positions on tough issues (tough meaning an angry, vocal minority is ready to score you for standing up for the little man) are far more attractive in the primary context.

I hope for a lively forum at 7 p.m. Tuesday at Sticky Fingerz, when Gerard Matthews will moderate the Arkansas Times-sponsored debate between the same candidates. We’ll Twitter and blog and take e-mailed questions. I hope this can be a time, from venue if nothing else, to get at what younger voters want from federal candidates. Be there. I’m still trying to promote a drink special. $1 PBR sounds about right for the working class.