Bill Halter, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, has filed a Federal Election Commission complaint over the attack ads by the Americans for Job Security. The group has reportedly committed more than $1 million to attack ads in the final days — enough to put its images before every Arkansas voter dozens of times. They make the baseless charge — highlighted in one episode by heavily accented Indians — that Bill Halter had a connection with a company that outsourced American jobs to India.

Here’s the text of the complaint.

As a practical matter, Halter’s complaint seems unlikely to produce action, even if his complaint is legally well founded, before election day 10 days from now. But it will call attention to the scurrilous nature of the ads and their secretive financier. Again: It is time for legislation to require transparency in attack ads. Republicans don’t like it. The NRA doesn’t like. Corporately owned Democrats sometimes don’t like it.

It’s a perversion of the process to allow a secret moneybags to buy an Arkansas election.

The Halter release: