Is Doyle Webb chairman of the state Republican Party? Or is he chairman of the state Boozman Party?

I ask because of a snippet in an article in which he predicts a runoff in the Democratic U.S. Senate primary. (I also wish they’d ask him who’d win the Republican races for non-partisan judgeships.)

As for his party’s own primary, Webb predicted Rep. John Boozman will win the eight-way race for the GOP Senate nomination, but he said the victory is not yet assured. Either way, he said, he feels confident that Democratic infighting will give his party the edge in the fall.

UPDATE: Gilbert Baker objects to the chair’s statement.


Conway, Ark., — United States Senate Candidate Gilbert Baker calls on Republican Party of Arkansas Chairman Doyle Webb to retract a comment he reportedly made to a Talking Points Memo reporter that Cong. John Boozman would win the Republican Primary without a runoff:

“It’s being reported that Arkansas Republican Party Chairman Doyle Webb told a group of reporters that Cong. John Boozman will win the GOP primary without a runoff. I think that’s up the voters of Arkansas to decide. Our statewide support is strong and our polling numbers indicate we are poised for a runoff. I call on Chairman Webb to retract his statement. We don’t need party chairmen and Washington insiders stepping on the voice of the people. Big government shouldn’t be picking winners and losers and neither should party leaders in a hotly contested U.S. Senate race.”