Interesting. On my morning walk, I tuned in to Republican political consultant Bill Vickery’s radio show. He’s been pushing pal and Karl Rove operative Tim Griffin’s Republican candidacy hard and I half-expected him to bring in Tim for a last-minute appearance.

But no. He’s extending the Sunday Buzz endorsement in the waning hours of the election to Courtney Henry, candidate for state Supreme Court against John Fogleman. She’s on now for a half-hour, apparently.


“You’re often known by the company you keep,” Vickery remarked to open the interview.

The talk opens with fulsome discussion of a respect for judicial restraint and against judges who legislate from the bench. This would go down easier had not Henry told the Religious Right Family Council that her judicial philosophy was most like that of Chief Justice John Roberts, busily at work overturning precedent and imposing his conservative political outlook on issues large and small. And now she’s jabbing the liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. (It’s liberalism mostly myth, by the way.)


Yes, John Fogleman was the right call in this Supreme Court race, not just because of his far superior experience in practice and on the bench. (The Arkansas Leader reached that conclusion as well.)