More here on the strange redemption theory believed by Jerry Kane, shot to death along with his son and two West Memphis police after a traffic stop on I-40 last week.

Jerry Kane (in photo from Talking Points Memo), the man police say shot and killed two officers with an AK-47 after being pulled over in Arkansas last week, was a largely unsuccessful traveling pitchman for an esoteric anti-government theory known as “Redemption,” telling desperate homeowners facing foreclosure that they did not have to pay off their mortgages because bank loans are fundamentally illegitimate, according to JJ MacNab, a Maryland insurance analyst who tracks anti-tax and anti-debt schemes.


“He was one of the followers of the Redemption method, the idea being because the bank loaned you money from someone else’s checking account, it’s committing fraud. Therefore, you don’t have to pay your loan,” says MacNab, who first encountered Kane about four years ago when, she says, he began posting on a now-defunct Web forum called