A North Little Rock reader, seconding a Little Rock proposal for a “No Knock” registry for door-to-door sales, sends a note (edited slightly) and photo above.

We have the same problem here in NLR/Lakewood. I found out there were over 20 permits given out this month. After numerous all day into the late evening knocks, this was my last resort. (photo)

Tacky? Maybe, but it does the job. I even had one  sales rep ask if I wanted the outdoor neighborhood cat that was on my driveway “whacked.”  If I would sign up, he would “take care of it” for me. He also had a ‘buddy’ that would do the electrical grounding for me (not a utility employee of course) Nice…another lovely day in Lakewood.

I caught myself wondering – after terrorizing people and small animals all day, what in the world do those boys do for fun on a Friday night?