Here’s the Robbie Wills campaign’s backup news release for the attack mailer against Joyce Elliott that hit mailboxes yesterday.

The attack puts Elliott’s principled votes in the most unattractive light. Constitutionality and sheer demagoguery, for example, are considerations in some of the legislative garbage Wills supported and Elliott opposed. But that’s so much harder to explain than invoking guns, prayer and abortion. How he managed to leave out queers, I don’t know.

Elliott talked to Roby Brock about the dishonesty of many of the attacks in the mailer.

“I think this is beneath him [Wills]. The things that he said are patently not true,” she added.  “In the process of challenging someone’s record, you need to do so accurately.”

She defended her position on the Second Amendment saying that she’s “on record with the Family Council supporting” gun owners’ rights.

Elliott also defended her votes on school prayer noting that the bill in question sought to expand limited school prayer rights that already exist as exceptions.

And on parental consent for abortions by minors, Elliott said, “Of course, I think minors ought to have consent from their parents.”  She cited personal issues with some of the bills in question that would restrict abortion rights, noting that abuse and incest situations needed more consideration in the bills.  She said she is against partial birth abortions, but voted against a proposed bill because it would not allow for an exception if a woman’s life was in medical danger.

This should add spice to KUAR’s planned in-studio debate between the candidates at 12:30 p.m. Wednesday.