OK, he’s just one Alabama sports columnist and a notoriously sour one at that. But Paul Finebaum writes:

In the mad dash for the Southeastern Conference to expand, it might be worth looking back 20 years to the last time the league went down this long and winding road.

When the league announced its expansion plans in 1990, once again Texas was the prettiest girl at the ball but rejected the SEC’s overtures. Florida State was seriously courted and chose the ACC instead. The SEC ended up with Arkansas and South Carolina. So how did that turn out?

Since 1992, when the league expansion went into effect, has either Arkansas or South Carolina really brought anything to the dance? Instead of expanding by two or four, some have wondered if a better way of handling this would be addition by subtraction – starting with sending Arkansas and South Carolina back where they came from.

Take Arkansas … please

Even before Vandy?