The Garland County circuit court docket reflects a lawsuit has been filed against the Garland County Election Commission, presumably over the total screwup of elections there: 1) reducing runoff polling places from 42 to 2; 2) agreeing to open polls on Saturday for early voting, then not telling anyone that the law didn’t allow it.

The big issue, naturally, was the scarcity of polls in a county with a big vote and lots of ground to cover. Many questions remain to be answered: 1) What actions were taken by the Election Commission in public vote and when? An election commission has two Democrats and one Republican in Arkansas currently. 2) Did the county clerk carry out required duties under the law on notification of any pollling changes made by the commission? 3) Why in the hell did Commission Chairman Charles Tapp claim the decision was a cost-saving move for the county when the state pays election costs?


I predict that Tapp will be asked to fall on his sword before the night is over. That is, the Democratic Committee, which put Tapp on the commission for some 18 years, will seek his resignation. Immediately. Several weeks too late.

I still don’t believe this was a scheme to deprive Bill Halter of votes. I think it was sheer stupidity. But if Blanche Lincoln wins tonight there might be lots of legal discovery to figure out what happened.


UPDATE: The Garland County Democratic Committee has asked for Tapp’s resignation. He has until 5 p.m. Friday, or whenever the vote is certified, whichever comes first.