STEVE WOMACK: Governor in 2014?

  • STEVE WOMACK: For governor in 2014?

I’m interested in predictions on the runoff for Third District Congress, where Steve Womack and Cecile Bledsoe are battling for the Republican nomination to succeed Rep. John Boozman. (Presuming they beat Democrat David Whitaker in the fall, as most presume the winner will.)


Womack enjoyed a big lead in the first primary. But the Hutchinson Family Machine and related conservative Republican interests have rallied to Bledsoe’s side. Who’ll win? Readers?

I’ll venture this: A Womack win would create a congressman (presuming November victory) independent of the old crowd in the state GOP. In the long run, I think this would grow the party, not hurt it. I’d also venture this: If it happens, I like the odds of Womack being the Republican nominee for governor in 2014.