The New York Times assesses the fall senatorial race between Sen. Blanche Lincoln and Rep. John Boozman.

Lincoln is channeling the chastened Bill Clinton of yore with her “I heard you Arkansas” message. She is also emphasizing her independence.


Boozman is busy tying Obama around Lincoln’s neck. And his spokesman, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, in what sounds like a play for Halter voters, calls Lincoln “slanderous” and “negative.”

Hard to imagine many Halter primary voters as Boozman voters in the fall. But ….


I’d add that Halter has been noticeably AWOL with a quick, clear statement that he congratulates Blanche Lincoln on a fine race and that he’ll be solidly backing the Democratic nominee in the fall. To do anything less — and the longer he waits the less meaning it holds — is to say his race was never about anything but him.

(Did Halter really call Lincoln election night and say “I guess It looks like you won,” as Lincoln told the D-G? Surely they taught better sportsmanship over at Catholic High.)


UPDATE: Garry Hoffmann, who works for Halter, said he was present during the phone call Tuesday night between Halter and Lincoln and Halter’s remarks were purely congratulatory in nature and that Halter’s words were not those said by Lincoln. He noted, too, as readers have, that Halter’s remarks that night included congratulations to Lincoln and a remonstrance to a scattering of people who booed at the mention of her name. He has not said anything publicly yet about support in the fall, which is my point.

ALSO: Brummett notes that Lincoln tracked left in the runoff with good results in the more liberal population centers in Arkansas and predicts a move in the other direction for fall.