Insider Washington was and remains consumed with Blanche Lincoln’s runoff victory over Bill Halter.

Here, it’s the lingering unhappiness in organized labor about White House disrespect. For all their work for Obama in 2006, they not only have nothing to show for it, they had to endure election night White House gloating, probably from Rahm Emanuel.

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And here it’s about how Lincoln went all-Arkansas in her final days, crafting a message now viewed as genius. She won, didn’t she? I still think the campaign kind of sucked and old-line Democrats went back to the familiar barn as is their custom. Steve Patterson’s claim of a great ground game rings hollow to me. I know primary Lincoln voters who’d identified themselves as such to the Lincoln organization who never got a phone call or house visit before the runoff. Same houses got incessant visits from Halter people. The notion in this story, too, that Bill Clinton brought home the black vote is somewhat belied by Halter’s strong showing in black precincts. On the other hand, perhaps Halter would have clobbered Lincoln there had Clinton not intervened.

Then there’s the here and now. Lincoln has burned her Obama T-shirt, taped over any mentions of her party affiliation and begun campaigning as a Republican. Today, “Big Oil Blanche” will throw her weight behind Republican Lisa Murkowski’s bill to facilitate air pollution.