Wayne Shewmake of Russellville, president of the Arkansas Wildlife Federation, has some choice words of criticism for votes last week by Sen. Mark Pryor and Sen. Blanche Lincoln to gut clean air legislation.

Shewmake makes a point that should resonate in Arkansas, no matter how loudly the Chamber of Commerce and Murphy Oil wail about the costs of clean air legislation. It makes good sense to reduce the amount of carbon we burn. The evidence is building that to do otherwise will damage hunting and fishing in Arkansas. Climate change is disrupting waterfowl migratory patterns and smallmouth bass and trout populations also could be at risk.


We cannot sit by idly and watch our way of life disappear, nor can we sit silently as our elected representatives stand up for Big Oil instead of us. Arkansans are ready for clean energy. We are ready to protect and preserve our environment for our children and ready see our economy strong again because of it.

Senators in Washington, including Senators Lincoln & Pryor, should be working to hold polluters accountable by limiting carbon pollution, not undermining public health and our nation’s clean energy future.
Senators in Washington need to listen to the voters, not the lobbyists.

His full letter follows.