Republicans, led by party chief Rush Limbaugh, are rallying to the side of BP and against the idea of a damage fund to compensate people harmed by the Gulf oil disaster. Oil industry sock puppet Joe Barton is worst. And the Barton story continues to comically evolve.

The more the merrier. If the Democrats can’t make hay out of this corporatism-gone-wild crowd, they can’t make hay out of anything. There’s some indication the White House might get it.


BY THE WAY: NY Times coverage of the BP hearing today notes that only oil industry stooge Barton has received more BP money than U.S. Rep. Mike Ross among House committee members hearing the testimony. Ross has distributed a rear-covering news release saying he wants honest answers from BP.

ALSO NOTED: The Republican Study Committee, a conservative group of which Rep. John Boozman is a member, has blasted the White House for pressuring BP to set up an escrow fund. Earth to Blanche Lincoln: Opportunity knocks.


But …. Lincoln (and Mike Ross) might not want to talk about BP, both having benefitted, as this list shows, from fund-raisers thrown by BP lobbyists.