Tim Griffin, Karl Rove’s nominee for Congress from the Second District, spoke to the Political Animals Club today. Griffin strategically leaked an internal poll yesterday to pump his appearance, it showed him up 50-34 over Democrat Joyce Elliott. So far, as is customary with internal polling, the campaign hasn’t released the survey instrument so we can see if the horse race question was preceded by any message questions that might have influenced choices.

I had been told Griffin would talk today about some of his structural ideas — for example, a pay reduction for members of Congress when they don’t pass a budget by a certain date. And he reportedly has some ethics ideas to offer. I can’t help but be reminded of when then-Sen. Doyle “Where there’s a will there’s a ” Webb was the author of a state legislative ethics package. It flopped. However marred Webb’s personal record, it didn’t mean he didn’t propose good ideas, though you might have had cause to question his sincerity. Doug Smith said, however, the talk was familiar Republican material.

UPDATE: It was mentioned that nutcake D.C. Morrison (already a declared supporter of John Boozman for Senate) will head a “Democrats” for Griffin group. BFD. Schwarzlose …. er, sorry, Morrison … piled up about 8,900 votes in the 2nd (against 75,000 or so for other candidates) in finishing a bad third in the Dem Senate primary, mostly from people likely to be Republican voters in the fall to begin with. His worst showing was in Pulaski, 7.9 percent of the vote.

Call me, Tim, when Bud Cummins endorses you.


UPDATE II: The Griffin campaign provides what it says are the first 13 poll questions, with results.

PS — For all you whippernsappers, the Schwarzlose reference.