Maybe an open line will spice things up

PS — I probably should mention that some legal thumbsucking has continued today on the question of whether Jim Keet meets the constitutional seven-year residency requirement for governor. He moved back to Arkansas in 2009 after some six years as a resident of Florida, where he owned a home and voted while leading a restaurant chain. He told me yesterday that he always saw himself as an Arkansan (though we missed his income tax payments during those years away) and always intended to return. Intent was a key element in the state Supreme Court decision that rejected a challenge to Bill Halter’s candidacy because he’d been out of the state for a number of years before running for lieutenant governor. It’s complicated.

You’ll find the continuing discussion here
, in the comments. I’ve also asked Keet if he’d like to elaborate further, in light of the questions raised. (Sorry, at 8 p.m., I discovered I’d screwed up the original link on this.)