DEMOCRAT?: D.C. Morrison

  • DEMOCRAT?: D.C. Morrison

I’m reluctant to give crackpot D.C. Morrison much attention, he’s doing well enough on his own.


This putative Democrat, who probably saved Blanche Lincoln’s skin by forcing her primary race with Bill Halter into a runoff, recently re-emerged in headlines as head of a Democrats for Griffin organization. Morrison is supposed to prove the bipartisan appeal of Rove Republican Tim Griffin, seeking the 2nd District congressional seat.

I’d already been skeptical of his Democratic bona fides. Morrison had earlier said he’d vote for whatever Republican won the Senate nomination. A reader has now sent along a copy of Morrison’s voting record over the last 12 years. It doesn’t surprise me to find that the first Democratic primary in which he cast a vote in that time was his own Democratic primary. Some Democrat. Some B.S. from Tim Griffin. Where he cast primary votes, it was on the Republican side, or in non-partisan judicial races.


Let’s serve up another heaping dish of shame for ambitious L.J. Bryant, among whose final-days tricks in his successful run for the Democratic land commissioner was a big news conference announcing HIS endorsement by D.C. Morrison. A good Democrat would have kept arm’s length from this poseur. (I confirmed the linked record by phone. The records there also showed no primary vote by Morrison in 1996, a clerk’s office spokesman said.)