More here from Gov. Mike Beebe on Republican opponent Jim Keet’s alliance with residents of the soon-to-be-merged Weiner
School District
, an alliance that prompted Keet yesterday to say Arkansas should reconsider the landmark legislation that set a 350-student floor on school districts and also enabled other measures that moved Arkansas schools to constitutionality.

Beebe tells Stephens Media, in response to yesterday’s news conference and an idea to create a waiver for districts like Weiner, which has been near, but consistently below, the student minimum:


“The law is 350,” the governor said. “If you fall below the 350 for two years, then the law calls for annexation or consolidation. That’s the law, there are no steps I can take unless I want to violate the law.

… “I won’t support anything that has the reasonable chance of getting us back in front of the Supreme Court and reopening all the constitutional questions that we’ve finally gotten resolved and gotten the courts out of our school system,” Beebe said.