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Reader Claude Bahls mentioned CBS’ recent takedown of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. He’s incessantly bitched about federal response, even as he’s failed to use National Guard troops released to his use for oil cleanup work.

Now comes the New York Times
for more on his demagoguery.


For weeks, Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana has attacked BP and the Coast Guard for not having adequate plans and resources to battle the oil spill.

But interviews with more than two dozen state and federal officials and experts suggest that Louisiana, from the earliest days of the spill in the Gulf of Mexico, has often disregarded its own plans and experts in favor of large-scale proposals that many say would probably have had limited effectiveness and could have even hampered the response.

The state’s approach has also at times appeared divided: while some state officials work alongside the Coast Guard and BP every day, others, including the governor, have championed a go-it-alone approach


The article goes on to explain that the state’s disaster plan was full of holes and that many of Jindal’s heralded requests — for excessive amounts of oil booms and for expensive and impractical sand berms — were impractical at best. The sand islands could even make matters worse, in addition to taking months and billions to build.