Canada goose lovers haven’t given up their fight to protect these and other birds in Bella Vista.

The City Council last night was scheduled to hear from a goose lover pleading that the city rescind an ordinance that allows discharge of firearms in the city limits. The underlying purpose of the ordinance was the quest for a permitted hunt to kill geese considered a nuisance in the golf course-studded community. The mayor has also apparently said permitted killing of “buzzards” is contemplated.


The episode sent my mind off racing on a tangent. Can cities continue to limit firearm discharges under the newly expanded interpretation of constitutional gun rights legislated from the bench yesterday by the Roberts-Alito Supreme Court? Also, might Justice Scalia, an avid hunter, be enticed to join the blasting in Bella Vista when the “hunts” begin? The symbolism would be apt, because surely hunting is one of those presumed bedrock rights — even if not enumerated in the original document — the court was talking about yesterday. How can cities infringe it (or states presume to infringe it with burdensome regulation and fees, come to think about it)? Why shouldn’t Durango be able to plug deer with his Glock at his place in Little Rock if he chooses? “Shall not be infringed” means shall not be infringed.

SPEAKING OF GUNS: A Daily Beast list says Arkansas is the ninth-most-armed state, based on background checks between Dec. 2008 and May 2010.


A goose defender sent me the following plea against hunting in the city, which was prepared for delivery last night. I haven’t heard whether her plea fell on deaf ears.