Interesting. Daily Kos says now, based on an independent review, that he was defrauded by the polling firm that did surveys for him for a year and a half.

Important local angle: The final poll done for him on the Bill Halter-Blanche Lincoln primary race, which showed Halter with a lead, was among those in 18 months of weekly polling that he now describes as “bunk.”

Small consolation to those, like me, who believed it. Kos goes the full hang-out route.

Sure, our friends on the Right will get to take some cheap shots, and they should take advantage of the opportunity. But ultimately, this episode validates the reason why we released the internal numbers from Research 2000 — and why every media outlet should do the same from their pollster; without full transparency of results, this fraud would not have been uncovered. As difficult as it has been to learn that we were victims of that fraud, our commitment to accuracy and the truth is far more important than shielding ourselves from cheap shots from the Right.

Kos indicated he’ll be suing the research firm.


UPDATE: Jason Tolbert asked Kos specifically about the Halter-Lincoln poll. He said he hadn’t specifically studied it, but he wouldn’t give it much validity.

The polling firm defends itself.


Numbers-cruncher Nate Silver agrees there are problems with the polling.

Now the criticized pollster is threatening to sue Nate Silver.