UPDATE: KAIT in Jonesboro is first up with videos from the investigation of the West Memphis police shootings. There are about 17 minutes of video in two clips. One compiles about 12 minutes of video from two police cars and includes the beginning of the shooting at about the 11-minute mark. The other is from Walmart surveillance cameras and shows a shootout with the first arriving patrol car and then the smash of the suspect’s vehicle by a Game and Fish officer in a pickup.

From earlier:

Prosecuting Attorney Mike Walden has released information regarding the West Memphis shooting in late May that left two police officers dead. Jerry and Joseph Kane opened fire on West Memphis police after the officers had stopped their van on Interstate 40. The father and son were later killed at a shoot-out in a Walmart parking lot.

“I don’t have FBI materials yet, or crime lab materials yet,” Walden says. “From our standpoint it’s still an ongoing investigation. I know there’s a lot of interest in it. Basically what I’ve got it is a disk with a portion of the Arkansas State Police file that includes their case summaries and witness statements. I’ve got the dashboard camera [from the traffic stop] and a Walmart security video. I’m going to release those to the media at 1:30.”

UPDATE: At the release, Walden said he didn’t anticipate any charges against police in the deadly shootout, but he said he would continue the investigation on use of police force.

Beforehand, Walden said, “I’ve seen reports that say something about ‘new information.’ I don’t know that there’s a lot of new information that’s going to be there. The most dramatic thing is the dashboard camera, obviously.”

More to come later. The dashboard video is said to show the younger Kane exiting his vehicle with a semi-automatic rifle blazing.