John Brummett writes today that he belives the nearly 30-point lead John Boozman shows over Sen. Blanche Lincoln in some polls, but believes the gap will narrow as voters consider the choices.

This will happen as people inevitably begin to think about factors other than their anger at Lincoln and Democrats. They will begin to think about that thing that any election becomes, which is an actual choice, usually unsatisfactory.

People will get a load of Boozman’s bland style and inarticulate, simplistic, doctrinaire conservatism. And they’ll go “hmmm.”

This is a choice not unique to Arkansas, but nationwide.

You have Democrats who have tried to do something constructive, perhaps from dubious motives at times and surely ineffectively at times.

You have Republicans spouting a simpleton’s rhetoric. They’d run a stoplight and risk a high-speed collision if they thought Democrat had installed it.