Secure Arkansas is saying it has gathered the 77, 468 signatures necessary to qualify its proposed constitutional amendment about immigrants on the November ballot. The secretary of state’s office will review them for legitimacy before certifying it for the ballot.

The details on this meanness are here. If it qualifies, however, it will take an enormous effort to defeat so ingrained is the misunderstanding that immigrants are somehow getting improper public services.

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I have no word yet on other petition efforts, including the Texan’s would-be casino monopoly drive. It would allow Michael Wasserman to run unregulated casinos in seven counties.

It looks like Secure Arkansas cleared the required number by fewer than a thousand votes. But reaching the minimum was important. If, after checks, the numbers are insufficent (some could be disallowed if not from registered voters, for example), gatherers will have 30 days to collect more.


The secretary of state is currently counting to see whether Secure Arkansas met the minimum number of signatures, proper or not.

UPDATE: Secure Arkansas was the only petition to submit signatures by the deadline. Goodbye casino amendment, and several others. News release from secy. of state: