A pollster’s analysis of a tight race for U.S. Senate in Ohio gives Democrats their campaign slogan:

Our president may be bad, but at least he’s not a Republican. The reasoning in a race where undecided voters will be critical:


A look at who those undecideds are tells a story of folks who are mad at both the Democrats and Republicans in Washington- and whose undecided status may be a reflection of their not knowing who they should be madder at.

52% of the undecideds in the Senate race disapprove of President Obama to 35% who like the job he’s doing. They don’t think much of the Democrats in Congress either- only 26% have a like the job they’re doing.

Those numbers might seem bad- but they pale in comparison to how negatively those voters feel about Congressional Republicans- only 10% approve of the job they’re doing while 61% disapprove. So these voters are down on President Obama and the Democratic majority- but their most negatives feelings are toward the Republican minority.