You remember the massive snowstorms of winter don’t you. Every armchair creationist, every Fox News blonde and every Democrat-Gazette letters page scientist thought they’d invented the wheel by saying the words “global warming” with a smirk.

So now that the East is baking in unprecedented heat, where are the climate hoaxers now? More important, where are the mainstream media who gave so much voice to the idiots last winter?


Bob Somerby at the Daily Howler goes after it.

Lesson: We get hit with The Stupid when it snows, but all is sane when it gets very hot. This represents a major problem with the way our discourse works.

Should the Times have mentioned climate change this week? Yes, it actually should have. As we all know, a stretch of hot (or cold) weather tells us nothing about the merits of climate science. But many people were handed a dose of The Stupid when it snowed in DC this year. Recent weather represented a chance to remind the public of the ludicrous way they got hustled.