I thought I’d mention a few things from the Times website:

1) A reader last night suggested competitor intrigue as a factor in the firing of KARK employees this week for videos mocking the TV news biz. (Don’t get me wrong. How the word got out is immaterial to the actions that prompted the personnel decisions.)


2) If you don’t check our lively Rock Candy blog, you have missed an ongoing uproar over the merits/demerits of Nickelback (“worst band ever to play Verizon”) and our music coverage.

3) Things are going well with our new website software. We have some 800 people signed up as “members” and the number grows daily. Unique visitors are up, too. But I’d really like to encourage everyone to take a look at and participate in our revamped restaurant guide. The listings include quite a few photos now; a few menus (we hope to add more); a map for each restaurant, and a very easy way to add your own reviews to restaurants listed there. A few people have contributed. reviews and I’ve tossed in some remarks about a handful of my favorites. But I think this could become a really useful and even provocative feature with a lot of restaurant feedback from readers. One man’s ambrosia is another man’s swill.


And don’t forget Eat Arkansas, where Kat Robinson has been making me hungry daily with her reports on breakfasts around Arkansas. As below.

HOME RUN: Cinnamon roll at the Home Plate in Bryant

  • Kat Robinson
  • HOME RUN: Cinnamon roll at the Home Plate in Bryant