Rep. Mike Ross is blue dogging it with his announcement that Arizona has done the right thing by passing its illegals law and the Obama administration the wrong thing by challenging it. In a statement released today, he said “Arizona is simply passing legislation to curtail illegal immigration, something the federal government has failed to do over the past few decades.”

In Congress, Ross says, he will “continue to oppose any legislative initiatives that include amnesty for illegal immigrants.”
It’s a subject John Brummett raises in his column this morning:

Democrats want tougher border enforcement as part of comprehensive reform that provides a practical and reasonable path to citizenship for the millions here without documents.
Republicans, seeing yet another winning anger-based issue for November, claim to want tougher border enforcement, but not a path to citizenship, at least until the tougher border enforcement is demonstrated.
I don’t know why Democrats don’t call the Republicans’ bluff.
They should push for tougher enforcement only. Democrats could say rightly that we have amnesty already, thanks to Republicans who don’t want to add order and reason to it, except, that is, by the occasional unconstitutional and racist state law.

—- LNP