Republican Party head Doyle Webb, in what was described in a news release as a joint “press conference” with gubernatorial candidate Jim Keet today said the Grand Old Party is standing up for ethics. From the news release:

“The people of Arkansas want and deserve good, clean government,” said Republican Party of Arkansas Chairman Doyle Webb. “They do not want and will not tolerate political leaders who are unwilling to shake up the old-boy network.”

Webb wants to shake up the old-boy network? Would that include electing women who aren’t interested in old boys? You’ll recall Webb was losing sleep last year worrying that a lesbian might be put in charge of the state budget.


If only there really was political will to shake up the old-boy network, in any party.

Full text on the jump, plus comments by Keet received in separate release.


CORRECTION: Miscommunication because of our splintered team today. We did get a notice of the GOP news conference, despite what we originally wrote, though Webb isn’t usually too friendly given our propensity to note his own ethical lapses in past as lawyer and recent financial misfortunes.. No word if Webb addressed free car use by past Republican statewide officeholders.