John Brummett’s bottom line on the Shirley Sherrod case:

Here’s what the Obama administration needs to do, from the White House down to the tiniest agency: Turn off Fox. Keep Fox off. Tell Fox where to go. Confront its shadow. Get some gumption.



Popular topic. Maureen Dowd concludes the White House is too white. We have, she said, “a West Wing of cowards” on race. Frank Rich develops similar themes — bullying right-wingers, the sliming of civil rights heroes, the failure of mainstream media. Said Rich:

You think we have come a long way in terms of race relations in this country, but we keep going backwards,” Sherrod told Joe Strupp of Media Matters last week. She speaks with hard-won authority. While America’s progress on race has been epic since the days when Sherrod’s father could be murdered with impunity, we have been going backward since Election Day 2008.