The Republican Party has been moving aggressively to co-opt and incorporate the Tea Party movement. Seems natural, right?

Not to some Tea Party people, according to this in Politico. You might remember that Tea Party activist Trevor Drown, the UPS driver who’s mounting an independent candidacy for U.S. Senate in Arkansas, said he was distancing himself from the Tea Party because it had become too closely associated with the Republican Party. Many others aren’t happy with the GOP either. There’s particular resistance to formation of a Tea Party caucus in Congress.


“I do not particularly like the very ones who need to be held accountable to be co-opting the tea party brand,” wrote the well-regarded tea party blogger Melissa Clouthier. “Ultimately, I worry it destroys the tea party — which started out as a nonpartisan group.”

Tea partiers “ought to be leery of establishment Republicans and the formation of a Congressional Tea Party Caucus,” asserted a post on the conservative Examiner website, advising activists that “if an opportunity like getting a foothold in the corridors of Washington seems too good to be true, it probably is.”