As the noise about the state vehicle fleet continues, I asked Gov. Mike Beebe’s spokesman, Matt DeCample, if we could expect the full accounting that has been promised to be posted on-line in a readily searchable format. His answer:

We’ll make copies of the review available to you and whoever else wants to see it when it’s done, but no online commitment at this time.

It will be a formidable amount of paper. Newspaper summaries aren’t likely to do it full justice, plus newspapers come and go. Potential whistleblowers might be reluctant to trot down to the governor’s office to ask for a copy.


The Internet, with its universal accessibility and ability to provide a permanent location for an unlimited amount of data, is obviously the most transparent way to present the information. It might be good, too, to have a bulletin board feature so readers could ask questions or take exception to representations about vehicle use by one employee or another.