The Parents for the PCSSD blog, a vigorous watchdog over the feuding in the district between teachers and a one-vote majority intent on booting the teachers union, reports a new legal development.

Teachers have asked the circuit court for an injunction to stop the School Board’s plan to lengthen the “bell schedule” for elementary schools. The blog elaborates:

Multiple parents have contacted me voicing opposition to the new bell schedule, which will result in many young elementary students boarding the school bus as early as 6:00 a.m.

The district’s argument in favor of the new bell schedule is that it will result in additional instructional time for elementary students—something that few would argue against. However, those of us existing in the real world know that this is a logistical impossibility, and that the additional time will most likely be spent by students as “down time,” in the classroom, cafeteria or gymnasium. Offering additional instructional time while allowing the 40-minute teacher planning time required by law would require hiring untold numbers of additional certified teaching staff—something our district can ill afford, especially in light of the huge financial drain caused by multiple attorneys defending the actions of four of our board members.