John Brummett today considers Bill Halter’s endorsement of Blanche Lincoln in light of her ugly campaign against him in the Democratic primary and Robbie Wills’ endorsement of Joyce Elliott in light of his overwrought campaign against her in the Democratic primary for 2nd District Congress

If I read correctly, Brummett believes all these candidates’ pronouncements are to be taken less seriously on account of these political accommodations.


Defensible point. Neither Lincoln nor Wills should be proud of their tactics and it would be a bitter pill for the objects of such to reach out the hand of fellowship afterward. But there are deeper principles at work. I thought Halter articulated them pretty well in explaining to Gerard Matthews his ready — and repeated — endorsement of Lincoln.

We have real principled differences between Democratic candidates and Republican candidates. That’s not to say that Democratic candidates agree on all issues because obviously we don’t. But there are significant differences. And as I said in both of those speeches, the differences between Sen. Lincoln and myself are modest compared to the differences between the Republican agenda and the Democratic agenda for the country.

I also believe that — it’s fair to point out that I was running for the opportunity to have the Democratic nomination and thereby run for the Senate on that party label. That choice was made a long time ago, which was a principled choice reflective of what I think are some big issues for the country.

Here’s a test relevant to this proposition and one of these contests, though. Will Bud Cummins endorse Republican Tim Griffin in that 2nd District race? And would Griffin, who trashed Cummins for his own political ends, trumpet that endorsement?