We told you so. Looks like the announcement about increases in required contributions for better seats to Razorback football games will be announced at a news conference this afternoon in Fayetteville and again Thursday in Little Rock. This is called a “fund-raising initiative” by the Razorback Foundation, but it’s a ticket price increase by another name. (And since public employees are helping the Foundation with this initiative, including the staging of news conferences, I hope and expect that all records of the Foundation related to this initiative will be open to public inspection.)

Here’s the UA official release.

Arkansassports360.com has an early break on the new contributions required for choice seats — a 100 percent increase in midfield seats, from $150 to $300, for example.

Here’s the 360.com story, which notes that Arkansas charges remain among the SEC’s lowest and that some 15 percent of the seats in Razorback Stadium will not carry a premium charge. (Alabama midfield seats carry a $1,300 premium over the face value of the ticket.)

Jim Harris explains all her
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