The feds have released a group of broadband development grants, including news leaked yesterday that UAMS would be receiving $102 million. Here’s the thumbnail description:

This approximately $102 million award will allow the University of Arkansas System to offer affordable middle-mile broadband service in the state. The project intends to enhance two major community-serving networks already in existence with a focus on improving healthcare and education capabilities. The project plans to directly connect approximately 475 community institutions to broadband. As many as 1.32 million people stand to benefit as do 61,000 businesses. In addition to the jobs this project will create, it will provide a foundation for economic growth and job creation for decades to come.

Still awaiting more details from UAMS.


UPDATE: Note that Rep. John Boozman didn’t join the ceremony today. He, of course, opposes this stimulus spending, which, if past experience is a guide, could save the lives of mothers and babies in child birth. Some would call that pro-life. Boozman would call it wasted money, particularly when millionaires’ tax cuts must be preserved instead.

UPDATE II: The UAMS release addresses what I’d alluded to yesterday, a higher total expenditure. Total spending will be $128 million, counting matching contributions for the project from UAMS and a roster of partners.