Here’s a funny/scary/intriguing note from the Gannett Blog run by former Arkansas Gazette business editor Jim Hopkins. It’s about a new venture of the Gannett media company to eliminate human beings from news reporting, at least in some cases. Call it robotic reporting. It’s being rolled out now to report high school sports results for all Gannett Corp. news outlets, which means it may eventually reach the hills of Arkansas and the Gannett-owned Baxter Bulletin.

Gannett’s flirtation with Narrative Science, a start-up business near Chicago, was first disclosed by former GCI Chief Digital Officer Chris Saridakis in late April. In a farewell note to his staff, Saridakis wrote: “Their technology application requires no human authoring or editing, and can be used to generate narratives about any event that produces significant quantitative data (think sports, financial, health, community data).”

I think Bobby Petrino could get into this brand of sports reporting. Computers don’t wear ballcaps. And they have about an equal sense of humor.