Some recent polling on both sides of the political fence turned up some slightly scary numbers for Gov. Mike Beebe — a lead over Jim Keet but a number for Beebe under 50 percent. The Republican-leaning Rasmussen is out today with new numbers that are far more heartening 53-33 Beebe. They make more sense, too, given Republican challenger Jim Keet’s low name recognition and Beebe’s ability in 2006 and since to win friends on the Republican side, particularly among the moneybags that have pumped $3 million and counting into his coffers.

I’ll take whatever good I can find. But this Beebe report says nothing of district-by-district polling that shows general Republic preference down to the dogcatcher level and the prospect of a 5-1 Democratic congressional delegation switching to 2-4, plus huge state legislative and statewide official pickups. Beebe might be happy to finish at 53, all things considered. Will he take his money, smarts and strength and try to lift others up and down the ballot? Here’s a problem identified by the poll that affects all incumbents (my emphasis):


Forty-four percent (44%) of voters in Arkansas rate their own personal finances as good or excellent, while 13% rate them as poor. Only 17% say their finances are getting better, while 54% say they are getting worse. These findings show a slightly higher level of pessimism in Arkansas compared to adults on the national level.