You have to give Republicans credit. When you think they couldn’t possibly top themselves with dishonest sleaze, they invent another talking point that many voters will undoubtedly swallow whole.

I give Democratic congressional candidate Chad Causey no points — in fact I’d subtract one or two — for making a point of saying opponent Rick Crawford went to high school in New Hampshire. (Though I’m quite sure Crawford would happily do the same had Causey gone to school in San Francisco.) Crawford’s defense is that his father was in the military and he schooled wherever his father was stationed.


You know what comes next. The Republican Party has turned Causey’s silly provincialism play into an attack on the American military.

The Crawford family’s duty to country led them to military bases across the globe; the demands and sacrifices of a mobile military life should be met with great gratitude, not criticism.

That Causey did no such thing is utterly beside the point to the lying liars.