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And if you haven’t yet, take a look back at Rock Candy, with more from Gerard Matthews, including video, of the sold-out benefit for the legal cause of the West Memphis Three. Can justice be in the offing in this misbegotten case? Support from the likes of last night’s all-star cast and the sold-out audience that contributed to the cause can’t hurt.

Also, I forgot: Jeremiah Wright was in town today, preaching at a local Baptist church pastored by Judge-to-be Wendell Griffen. He preached against the Iraq war. And, in defending those who criticized Griffen for opposing the war while a judge, he defended his former congregant, President Obama, too.

PS — Skip Rutherford Tweets that Rev. Wright reports dining at Sims Bar-B-
. Good choice. I had a rib dinner there last Wednesday. It’s more (good) food for $8 than anybody should eat. Skip also Tweets:


Rev. Jeremiah Wright said young people didn’t remember when blacks couldn’t vote but now “we have blacks who will not vote.”

PPS — Also, an initial AP report on Jeremiah Wright’s speech included a misheard word. It has been corrected. But I suspect, given the Internet, the correction won’t reach many ready to believe the worst about Wright. A statement from Rev. Griffen explains.