Under a headline, “Is Mike Huckabee Nuts?”, a Huffington Post writer says:

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee wants to turn the United States back over to God and Jesus.

Huckabee actually said this in a just released 60 second commercial for Lou Engle’s “The Call.”

In the spot Huckabee says, “Fast and pray and turn this nation back to God, as Jesus is our only hope.” He goes on to tell everyone to go to Sacramento and fast and pray for the sanctity of marriage over Labor Day Weekend.

The Huckster will pray for the sanctity of marriage right after he runs to the bank to deposit checks for his TV show, on which he recently showcased an adulterer’s website. A source close to Huckabee insists his show receives no advertising from the website, despite what Jason Tolbert said on the blog post linked here.