Interesting report from KFSM-TV. Penalties for misdemeanor possession of marijuana and alcohol have been equalized at the University of Arkansas. The UA was said, in this KFSM report, to be the first university to take this step. (Alcohol is a legal substance, of course, but there are a range of offenses possible — minor in possession, providing alcohol to a minor, public intoxication and others.)

UPDATE AND CORRECTION: You can apparently put this story down to a student’s over-exuberance. Whatever discussions may have been held about an equivalent policy on pot and alcohol, it was not approved by the final authorities. The dissemination of the story prompted an official statement of denial from the UA:


FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — The media have reported that certain changes to the guidelines for marijuana and alcohol sanctions on campus have been equalized. This information is not accurate. No changes have been made to university policies having to do with alcohol or drug violations. While certain revisions to existing policy have been considered by various campus organizations and groups, none of them were ever approved by the university administration.

The university is constantly looking at ways to address student alcohol and drug violations in a comprehensive manner. The sanctioning guidelines for violations are in place to educate students and help them understand that all actions have consequences.

The smoking lamp is NOT lit.