No wonder it’s so slow. Somebody just reminded me it’s Labor Day weekend. I’m of a mind to leave it with you now.

BUT: In case you weren’t on the various mailing lists combined for this invite, here’s an invitation to a coming fund-raiser ($25 variety) for Gov. Mike Beebe. You’ll find mostly state government managers on the host list, including DFA Director Richard Weiss, ADEQ Director Teresa Marks, Parks director Richard Davies and Workforce Director Bill Walker, among many more. River Market, Sept. 14, 5 p.m.


You know the drill. If it’s done outside work and not distributed by state means, state employees may engage in politics. Does the name of an agency head on an invite amount to undue pressure on a public employee to cough up? I honestly think the answer is: It depends. On the manager. The agency. The contribution requested. And so on. Better not to do it? Yes. As corrosive as corporate contributions under multiple identities of the same giver? Not nearly.